Facts & Figures

Student Enrollment

Student Level Number of Students
Undergraduate 223
Doctoral 06
Total Enrollment 229

Degree Awarded

Degree Level Number of Degrees Awarded
Undergraduate 131
Total Degree Awarded 131


With a high-quality student body and outstanding faculty, the department is well poised to achieve its mission of excellence. Some indicators of our faculty recognition include:

  • 8 total faculty
  • 2 Professors
  • 6 Assistant professor

Research Areas

  • Drilling fluid design and Analysis
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Well Stimulation Techniques
  • Gas Hydrate, CBM
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Design
  • Flow Assurance Problems; Heavy Crude oil-in-water emulsion; Enhanced Oil Recovery; Petroleum Production Problems
  • Reservoir Modelling and Simulation; Multiphase Flow and Transport Processes in Porous Media; machine learning and data analytics in EOR.

Placement Statistics

No. of Students Registered for the Placement (Ongoing 2022-23 session) 56
No. of Students Placed 06
No. of Students Registered for the Placement (2021-22 session) 39
No. of Students Placed 39
Highest CTC 24.0 lakh
Average CTC 13.25 lakh

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