Petroleum Laboratories

Department of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences have 07 undergraduate labs. These labs provide the hands on lab experience and in depth investigation of various for our students.

Drilling Fluid and Cement Lab

The Drilling Fluid and Cement Lab will provide On-hand training to determine various rheological and filtration properties of drilling fluid and cement slurry design. Learning outcomes include Understanding of the API recommended methods to determine various drilling fluid properties and ability to develop and design a drilling fluid system and cement slurry.

Faculty in charge: Dr Rajat Jain

Fracturing Lab

The lab is equipped with instruments for fracturing related studies of rock. The purpose of the fracturing lab is to provide capabilities to estimate rock properties and to measure fracture growth under various geological conditions in order to understand effectiveness of the stimulation techniques and the production potential of conventional & unconventional reservoirs. Various equipment installed in lab enable the user to estimate the point load strength index, unconfined compressive strength and indirect tensile strength of rock specimens; to measure P- and S-waves velocity, assessment of localized fracture growth and determination of dynamic elastic properties; to examine rocks, minerals, fracture surfaces and porosity characteristics in thin sections.

Faculty in charge: Dr Ranjan Pramanik and Dr Deepak A Mishra

Reservoir Engineering Lab

Equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment for measuring various rock and fluid properties. The lab will enable students to design and develop compatible fluid system for reservoir.

Faculty in charge: Dr Himangshu Kakati

Production Engineering lab

The lab is equipped with various equipment to conduct test related to production and well stimulation operations. Various standard instruments installed in lab can evaluate water content in crude oil, dew point, calorific value, pH/Conductivity/ion concentrations, BS&W etc.

Faculty in charge: Dr Geetanjali Chauhan

Petroleum Geology Lab

The lab will provide basic about various sedimentary rocks.

Faculty in charge: Dr Vijaya Kumar Kopparapu

Reservoir Simulation Lab

Currently, Reservoir Simulation lab has CMG software for reservoir modelling and simulation.

Faculty in charge: Dr Ranjan Pramanik and Dr Nilanjan Pal

Fuel Lab

The lab is equipped with facilities for testing various fuel properties like pour point, cloud point, flash point, viscosity etc.

Faculty in charge: Dr Nilanjan Pal and Dr Geetanjali Chauhan

Well logging Lab

The aim of this lab is to enable student’s access to modern way to model the subsurface by using the relevant geophysical information as well as to strengthen the basic about the subsurface which can also be a reservoir. This will also help the students to gain the knowledge on how to interpret core geophysical data from well logs and how to correlate the trends in geophysical data. Software assists to study the petrophysics, facies analysis and statistical mineralogy for collaborative multi-well log analysis for better drilling decisions. They can also help to visualize and analyze the data.

Faculty in charge: Dr Deepak A Mishra