Research Projects


S.No Name of Faculty Name of Project Start Date Duration Total Budget
1 Dr. Rajat Jain Design of completion fluids for enhanced productivity of the hydrocarbon wells 17-03-2022 3 years ₹22,50,000
2 Dr. Sivasankar P Mechanistic Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Low Salinity Assisted Chemical EOR Methods 21-04-2022 3 years ₹27,00,000
3 Dr. Himangshu Kakati Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) by CO2 foam Flooding for HPHT formation 21-04-2022 3 years ₹28,00,000
4 Dr. Ranjan Pramanik Stability Analysis of Geothermal Wellbore: Experimental Investigation and Development of Numerical Framework 25-04-2022 3 years ₹28,00,000
5 Dr. Deepak Amban Mishra Characterization of the strength and Deformational Behaviour of Anisotropic Rocks Using Non Destructive Tests & DIC Technique 27-04-2022 3 years ₹28,00,000

Extramural Projects

S.No Name of PI, CI, Collaborator Name of Project Funding Agency Total Budget Duration
  • Dr. Rajat Jain
  • Dr. Himangshu Kakati
  • Dr. Rohit Shukla (BARC)
Experimental Studies on the Applicability of PP Based shock Wave Generation Technology for EOR Jobs BRNS ₹34,01,176 2021-2024
  • Dr. Arun Singh (IIT(ISM) Dhanbad)
  • Prof. Shalivahan
Crustal Structure and Electrical LAB beneath Rajmahal Trap and Dalma Volcanics from magnetotelluric Investigations MOES ₹89,46,400 2018-2021